Awards and Accolades

UK-India Education and Research Initiative
UKIERI – Winner of UKIERI Grant:
UKIERI Phase 2 Skill Development on Improving Emergency Services in India
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FCO – Winner of Prosperity Fund 2015/16:
Feasibility Study looking at Upskilling and creating the concept of Paramedics in India

Universities and Organisations of UK delivering the program


Advisory Board Members:

Dr Michael Pitt MRCP
Consultant Cardiologist and Clinical Director
Heart of England Foundation Trust

Dr Bethan Freestone, FRCP
Consultant Interventional Cardiologist
Heartlands Hospital
Heart of England Foundation Trust


Dr Rajay Narain
Research Cardiologist
St George's University of London.UK

Dr Rajay Narain, Research Cardiologist, St George's University of London, UK Dr Narain is the founder and Director of Global Health Alliance UK. He works a Research Cardiologist at St. Georges University Hospital, London. He is the lead for MRCP exam teaching programmes at various UK hospitals. He has also set up India’s first Royal College of Physicians, London, endorsed MRCP PACES Course. He has been instrumental in designing the Foundation training program for Junior Doctors in the West Midlands in the UK. He runs Inherited Heart Disease and Heart Failure clinics at a University teaching hospital in London. He has also been associated with coronary angioplasty programs at the UK's two biggest Heart Centres.

Dr Narain has been involved in Heart Screening programs since 2005 at National & International level; he has also been screening UK Football & Rugby league players. Dr Narain while pursuing his career in Cardiology in UK also set up first of its kind of Foundation for the underprivileged in India. Dr Narain is a member of the EAPCI, EAPCR, and a Council member for Stroke at the European Society of Cardiology. Dr Narain was appointed as: a working group member for Myocardial and Pericardial Diseases at the European Society of Cardiology, Founder Member of International Development Group of NHS, UK & Director, Heart Foundation, UK in recognition of his contribution to International Health arena. He is also Advisor to many Government and Private Medical Institutions in India. He has presented papers at several National & International Conferences. He has to his credit publications & research projects in Cardiology which have been published in different medical journals.

The Faculty:



Dr Dave Oxborough:

Dr Dave OxboroughDr David Oxborough is a clinical echocardiographer with over 15 years' experience. He is a registered Clinical Cardiac Physiologist with British Society of Echocardiography Accreditation and holds an MSc in Medical Ultrasound from the University of Leeds. He also has a PhD in advanced echocardiography and its application in the Athlete's Heart. He has over 70 peer reviewed publications based on the application of echocardiography in health and disease and has contributed to many of the British Society of Echocardiography guidelines for practice.

He is currently the lead for the British Society of Echocardiography Research and Audit Committee and is also a member of the Education Committee as well as being a past member of Council. He is the current Chair for the Annual Performance Monitoring Group for the Consortium for Accrediting Sonographic Education (CASE) as well as being past Chair and honorary Treasurer.

He is currently a Reader in Cardiovascular Physiology at Liverpool John Moores University and has managed echocardiographic education through a range of external courses as well as during his previous lecturer role at the University of Leeds. He has provided numerous national and international lectures on echocardiography.

Jan Forster

Consultant: Congenital Echo Department, Leeds General Infirmary
MSc Medical Ultrasound

Jan is a highly specialised Sonographer and undertakes complex cardiac ultrasound assessment in the fetus, neonatal, paediatric and adult congenital patients. She is responsible for training of cardiac physiologists, specialist registrars and visiting health professions in echocardiography.

Natasha Watchorn

Cardiac Physiology:

Rhona Rhiley

Professional Lead for Healthcare Science, University of Leeds
Programme Lead for the BSc (Hons.) Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) & BSc (Hons.) Clinical Physiology (Cardiology), University of Leeds, UK.

UK's First Cardiac Physiology Lecturer.

Rhona RhileyRhona Riley BSc, MSc, worked as a cardiac physiologist I the non –invasive unit at Leeds General Infirmary for 12 years. Having started as a cardiographer in 1994, Rhona studied and worked her way up the ladder to ECG services manager. Having always had a love of training and teaching, Rhona became involved with the University of Leeds, School of Healthcare Science in 1999 as an external lecturer, teaching on a part time Cardiology programme, this led to the development of full-time undergraduate training degrees and in 2004 Rhona became the first full-time Cardiac Physiology lecture in the UK, training and teaching future cardiac physiologists. Since this time, Rhona has developed 2 full-time training degrees for professional cardiac physiologists, supported and assisted in developing post graduate modules to support post –graduate study. In 2009 Rhona joined the Cardiac risk in the Young screening team, which fed her passion for congenital heart disease and ECG interpretation. Currently professional lead for Healthcare Science and programme lead for the BSc (hons) Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) and BSc (hons) Clinical Physiology (Cardiology), Rhona is actively involved in promoting standards of practice and training for Cardiac physiologists and developing an academic pathway for this profession.

Peter Lewis

Chief Cardiac Physiologist
Lead Physiologist for Cardiac Rhythm Device management
Papworth Hospital, Cambridge.

Peter is a registered and fully qualified clinical physiologist with over 20 years of experience in cardiology. He has held several senior lecturer positions at United Kingdom universities. Peter has held positions with the UK Society for Cardiological Science council and education committees, full member of the UK NICE group for sudden onset chest pain. Peter has gained a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology from Cardiff University, an MSc in Science from the Open University, Fellowship of The Society for Cardiological Science and Technology and holds the standing of a certified cardiac device specialist (CCDS) with the Heart Rhythm Society. Peter is currently undertaking a doctorate in electrophysiology and education with the University of South Wales; investigating the effects of ECG fragmentation and cognitive-functional competencies in improve the way in which healthcare professional learn clinical procedures; such as the 12 lead ECG.

Lisa Ashton

Lisa Ashton BA (Hons) and PGC (Education). Worked as a cardiac physiologist for 14 years qualifying in 1996. Worked at the Royal Cornwall Hospital until 2001, and then moved to Leeds General Infirmary, before changing focus and entering education in 2006. Whilst working as a Cardiac Physiologist Lisa's particular passion was in cardiac devices. Lisa also had a passion for training and transferring her knowledge, initially developing this through mentoring students in placement and developing further to embark on a career at University of Leeds training undergraduate's on the BSc Clinical Physiology (Cardiology) programme and developing post graduate modules in cardiac devices. More recently Lisa has been part of the team to establish the new training pathway at University of Leeds with the new undergraduate programme commencing in 2013. In 2012 Lisa joined the Cardiac risk in the Young screening team. Lisa is currently the admissions tutor and practice co-ordinator for the BSc Healthcare Science (Cardiac Physiology) programme, she continues to promote best practice within both the educational environment and within the practice setting.

Emergency Medicine:

Professor V Gautam
Lisa Ellis
Kerry Jiles
Andrew Kirke
Sharyn Edwards