Palliative Care and Cancer Awareness Course

Aims of the course

  • To develop a broad understanding of cancer and treatment options
  • To have a clear understanding of palliative care
  • Learn how to cope with palliative care
  • Learn about all the different types of complementary therapies
  • How to support people and their emotions

Day 1

  • What is cancer? common symptoms, types of cancer and staging
  • Cancer in India- the challenges and how to tackle them
  • Treatment in cancer- radical and palliative
  • Introduction to palliative care
  • Communication skills in palliative care
  • Understanding end of life care

Day 2

  • Introduction to pain – pathophysiology, fundamentals and management
  • Symptom control in oncology
  • Supportive care – anxiety, depression
  • Ethical issues, spirituality and care
  • Multidisciplinary approach to palliative care/ Organising a palliative care service