How to perform an ECG: 1 Day

This course is aimed at those required to perform ECG's or wish to acquire this useful diagnostic skill. Electrode placement for ECG is critical in performing an ECG, this course will teach you perform an ECG correctly in line with the British Cardio- vascular society & American Heart association guidelines for performing an ECG.

The sessions will include:

  • Understanding the ECG machine (standards and settings)
  • How to record an ECG correctly
  • Top tips for recording an ECG
  • Trouble shooting
  • Hands on practical training

This is predominantly a hands-on training experience, ensuring that ECG's are able to be performed reliably. At the end of the course there will be a practical assessment in performing an ECG.

On successful completion you will be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of the fundamental aspects of recording an ECG
  • An understanding of ECG equipment settings and variables
  • Correct positioning of electrodes for ECG acquisition
  • Recording of a reliable an artefact free ECG

Certificate from University of Leeds, UK for the Course