Human Rights

A - Protecting Human Rights – (1 day course)

Anti-Bullying Campaigns at WorkWe aim to teach all individuals about equality in the workplace, protection of privacy and women empowerment. We will be giving talks by various leading guest speakers on these subjects.

We hope to make a cultural change with this program and raise awareness for basic human rights in India. There is a lot of news coverage about women rights in particular and the problems that society has in regards to female views. This campaign will discuss all these issues in detail and give hope to all those who are facing adversity.

Duration of course: 1 day
Cost for 1 day Basic Human Rights Program: £250

B - Anti-Bullying Campaigns at Work

Anti-Bullying Campaigns at WorkThis is a common occurrence in all areas of the world but is not one, which is not highlighted or publicised. Our program will offer education about the stigma and problems felt by workers whether it is discrimination or bullying in the workplace. We will talk with employers and employees with the problems they face during work and raise awareness for the help and guidance available in such situations.

Duration of course: 1 day
Cost to run Anti-Bullying program: £200

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