Healthcare, Reseach and Development

  1. Heart & Health Screening (India & UK)

  2. Sudden Cardiac Death Education & Screening (India & UK)

  3. First Aid/BLS (India & UK)

  4. Community Awareness (India & UK)

  5. Child Immunizations

  6. Eye Care Cataract Operations

  7. Family Planning

  8. Global Health Bus

A - Heart and Health Screening Programs

Heart and Health Screening ProgramsCardiovascular death (CVD) remains top of the list for most deaths in India. This program will fund screening programs for all risk factors that can lead to a heart attack like diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and diet. Heart disease accounts for 19% of all deaths in India. It is the leading cause of death among males as well as females. It is also the leading cause of death in all regions urban and rural. Now is the time to act.

Duration: 1 day
Fees for program: £ 400

B - Sudden Cardiac Death: Education and Prevention

Sudden Cardiac Death: Education and PreventionSudden cardiac death (SCD) remains a silent killer in India & worldwide with no statistics especially on people who die young. The incidence of SCD varies in different parts of the world but unfortunately it remains a mystery in countries like India. This program will create awareness in the community about the various causes of SCD and how best to avoid and cope with the menace. This will also offer screening young people through experts.

Duration: 1 day
Cost of Course: £ 450

C - First Aid Course/Basic Life Support – (1 day courses)

Basic Life SupportGHA would like to offer its expertise to train company staff or people from any particular society/community, on first aid and basic life support according to latest UK guidelines through a 1-day program. The Basic life support (BLS) course will teach individuals about first aid and provide theoretical and practical training to emergency situations. It will be an intensive course that will give individuals the chance to learn about situations where BLS are required and needed to be carried out.

Duration of course : 1 day
Cost of Course: £100 per person

D - Community Awareness Programs

Community Awareness ProgramsThis program will involve teaching in the community about the main challenges that are faced by the Indian healthcare system. Focusing on education related to heart disease, stroke prevention and general sanitation.

Duration: 1 day
Cost of 1 day program: £ 300

E - Child Immunisation Programs

Child Immunisation ProgramsThis is a widely publicised goal and aim for global health foundation. We wish to obtain funds to be able to vaccinate as many young children from life threatening diseases as possibly. Over the last few years there has been a huge push in India to vaccinate children and eradicate deadly diseases that we have cures for (e.g. polio). We hope to continue this pattern and branch out to other areas where there is still lacking of immunisation programs.

Duration of program: 1 year
Cost to provide vaccination for 1 child: £150

F - Eye Care Cataract Operations

Eye Care Cataract OperationsCataract screening operations and screening for diabetic retinopathy. This will be done by leading eye surgeons of the country. Camps will offer free services for people who have visual impairment due to blocked lens (cataract) and screening for those who are diabetic and may have diabetic retinopathy will also be done.

Duration: 1 day
Cost of surgical treatment: £ 150/ per patient

G - Family Planning Programs

Family Planning ProgramsThis program will raise awareness in the community about having a small and healthy family and how to prepare for a child. It will discuss the financial and time burdens that parents will need to go through in order for their children to flourish. The course will also discuss the importance of the home environment and the ways of using contraception if families are not quite ready to have children.

Duration of Program: 1 day
Cost of Family care Program: £200

H - Global Health Bus

Global Health BusThe Global Health Bus is a very ambitious project where this foundation intends to get leading health care professionals from the UK to do free health screenings, check-ups and consultations. The aim of this project is to gain access to individuals living in the most rural areas of India, to help those who cannot afford routine check-ups and who live in villages where small 1-day clinics can make a huge difference.

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