1. School Education

  2. College Education

  3. Higher Education

School EducationSchool Scholarship Program (ages 5 - 14 years)

This scholarship includes sponsoring children in school-going age giving them access to free education throughout their childhood. This allows children the basic right to learn and aspire to become knowledgeable.

Duration of course: 10 Years
Scholarship fees £ 250 per student / year

College EducationCollege/University (ages 14 - 18 years)

This scholarship involves sponsoring a child to have further education in the area of their choice allowing them to build up their future careers and improve their chances of achieving their goals.

Duration of course: 4 years
Scholarship fees £ 300 per student/ year

Higher EducationHigher Education/Career Building (ages > 18 years)

The aim of this scholarship is to provide individuals the opportunity for further studies to enhance their careers in future. It allows people to learn about more specific points related to their fields of choice.

Duration of course: 2 years
Scholarship fees £300 per student / year.

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