Disaster Management

A - Disaster Management Courses

Disaster Management CoursesThis will be a 1-day course aimed at individuals who will require knowledge of what to do when there is a possibility of a disaster occurring.

On this course individuals will be taught what to do should these events happen; collapsed buildings; Flooding; Fires; Earthquakes and other natural disasters - Hurricanes/Cyclones. There will be in depth talks given by leading disaster management specialists during the course and scenarios will be demonstrated.

Duration of course: 1 day
Cost of Disaster Management program: £ 300

B - Relief Operations

Disaster Management CoursesOur relief operations aim to distribute clean water and food supplies, medicine and other vital equipment that are required by the immediate needs of those affected by natural disaster. We also aim to fund small villages by donating cloths and providing lessons on sanitation and in areas affected by floods/ fires we aim to be part of the restoration movement by cleaning up the debris left by the natural disaster.

Duration: Variable
Cost to run Relief Operations: £ Variable

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