Diabetes Care & Management - 2 Day

During the programme, we expect that you will:

  • Develop, extend and enrich your existing knowledge about diabetes and the care of people with diabetes, adapting your professional practice to all you have learnt
  • Take the opportunity to explore existing attitudes and beliefs in the practice of diabetes care
  • Explore and discuss the value of team working in diabetes care
  • Recognise the importance of interpersonal and effective communication skills in relationships with people with diabetes, family members/carers and colleagues in the delivery of diabetes care
  • Understand how you learn and how you apply your learning to your professional practice
  • Extend your network of people working in diabetes care, to share experiences, to have fun and develop supportive relationships, and achieve an accredited qualification in diabetes care.

Course Structure

The course emphasises:

  • Work-based learning
  • Practical experience
  • Self-directed learning

During the course students will be encouraged to take an active role in their own learning and have the opportunity to share experiences and practice with tutors and fellow students. A great deal of learning takes place within small group settings and active learning is encouraged by the exchange of knowledge/information/experiences between students.

Many topics will be covered including:

  • The diagnosis and classification of diabetes mellitus
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Long term complications
  • Acute Complications and treatment options

The taught component of the course forms only a small part of the whole course, therefore, students will need to identify their own learning needs and be prepared to undertake study within their own time. The course delivers good quality diabetes care and management within the primary care environment.

Students who wish to pursue topics in greater depth can do so within their own time and utilise the range of facilities offered by the University. Skills learned during this course of study can be used in any future study. The University offer courses at master level in diabetes for those students who wish to specialise in this area of medicine or gain a higher academic qualification.